Infraorbital Foramen – Location, Anatomy and Structures passing through it

Infraorbital Foramen is an opening located in the maxillary bone of the skull. It is located below the infraorbital margin of the orbit (eye socket). An approximate distance between the foramen and the margin of orbit, is between 6.10 to 10.9 mm.

Forming as the exterior end of infraorbital canal, the foramen communicates with the infraorbital groove, which opens on the interior side. The infra-orbital foramen is roundish in shape, and is the transmitter for vessels into the face.

Infraorbital Foramen Location

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The name derives from Latin, which means Infra = inferior, orbital comes from orbis which means circle, and foramen comes from forare which means bore / perforate.

Structures passing through Infraorbital Foramen

  • Infraorbital Nerve
  • Infraorbital Artery
  • Infraorbital Vein

The infraorbital nerve is the branch of maxillary branch of Trigeminal nerve.

Infraorbital Foramen Lateral View

One importance of this landmark is that the infra-orbital foramen is used to test the sensitivity of the infraorbital nerve, as a pressure point. Palpation of the area of foramen during extraoral examination or LA administration causes soreness to the area.

It is also called as Foramen infraorbitale, which is the latin term from which the actual name is derived. The foramen is a part of the maxillary bone, unlike the supraorbital foramen which was a part of the frontal bone of the skull. It is also a bilateral foramen.

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