Supraorbital Foramen – Location, Anatomy and Structures passing through it

The Supraorbital Foramen is an elongated path, that is located on the frontal bone, just above the orbit and below the forehead. For understanding it in an easier way, the foramen is located just under the eyebrow. It is bilateral, thus seen on both the sides.

The name arises from Latin language where orbis means a circle, and the eye socket is called Orbit, while Supra is something superior. The term forare means bore/perforate and that is how the term Foramen emerged.

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Supraorbital Foramen

It transverses below the superciliary arches, and the structure is thin and prominent at its lateral two-third, while rounded on the medial third. At the junction of these two, the supraorbital notch opens up to allow for the structures to pass through.

Structures passing through Supraorbital Foramen

  • Supraorbital Nerve
  • Supraorbital Artery
  • Supraorbital Vein

These vessels pass from the orbit, into the anterior surface of the frontal bone. A dipolic vein coming out from an aperture near the supraorbital notch, joins the supraorbital vein.

Supraorbital Foramen Lateral View

Also called as Foramen Supraorbitale, it allows the entry of supraorbital nerve, which is a branch of Frontal nerve, which arises from the ophthalmic division of Trigeminal nerve.

Other names for the foramen:

  • Supraorbital notch
  • Foramen supraorbitale
  • Supra-orbital foramen
  • Incisura supraorbitalis

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