Dental Clinic or MDS or other Specialization – What to do after BDS?

I was often told by my professors, who luckily were our seniors because we were the first batch in the new college, that once you complete your BDS graduation, you are on a crossroad with four paths open for you, but each one has its own challenge. If you think while doing BDS that it is quite hard to get graduated, you might see harder times ahead. But the fact is, it depends on how you accept it.

If you are seriously confused about your career, future after BDS, here are some of the options and a frank opinion from one of the doctors who has spent years as a practitioner.

What to do after BDS


Post graduation is the first thought that comes to the mind of most of the graduates, and that is the best option. Post graduation not just gives you the extra tag under your name, but if you specialize in one of the departments, there is a lot to gain – experience, name, consultations, and if you wish to be an educator in college, that too can be done well if you do MDS.

If you have been great at academics and are confident of getting a rank that ensures free seat in one of the Dental colleges, look nowhere else and just get that. A free seat will be the best thing to happen for you, because not just that you are free from investing, but also for the reason that you studied and are good at it and thus, it will help in your post-graduation and career.

But, are you going to pay for an MDS seat? The average cost these days for a seat in any department (except some lesser charged ones like OMR) is about Rs. 30 lakhs. That isn’t a small investment at all, and from a clinician’s point of view, if you are spending that amount to just join MDS, add ten lakhs more for the trips you do and other stuff during the course of three years. Why would you want to spend that amount on a course that delays your practice by three years? You could spend that money and have a super specialty dental clinic with spacious cabins and great equipment.

The point is arguable, but MDS is not a bad option when you have the money to spend and feel like always having the MDS tag along with your name for some reason. But, if you are from one of the families that struggle hard and is planning to request a loan for the course, be sensible and look at the other career options after BDS. Not everyone in the world is equal with finances, so don’t compare your fortune with others.

Dental Clinic / Practice

After all, you studied to serve and treat patients, isn’t it? Graduation or post graduation, whatever you complete, the end goal should be to do justice to your education and practice by running or working at a Dental clinic.

There is a lot of difference between working at a clinic and running a clinic all by yourself. The former involves nothing but just the salary that you get, but the latter asks for a big investment but is fruitful at the same time and gives you a lot of experience.

Here’s a guide where my colleague and friend Dr. Rohan explained the difference between running your dental clinic and working at a clinic.

Conclusion – What is a better choice?

To be frank, 6 years after graduation, I feel that you should take a decision based on your current family and financial situation. Chances are that sometimes you might have to settle down a bit early and have to resort to having your own practice to look at it as a business, but sometimes, the encouraging family of yours might be very happy to see your spend a few more years in educating yourself and becoming a post-graduate. If you are given this option, don’t miss the chance and go on to become a MDS specialist.

Everything has its own advantages and disadvantages. You will need to look at the situation to see what’s the best for you, but a small piece of advice – If you know BDS education has helped you, what would stop you from thinking that MDS education further would not be helpful? The more you study or practice in colleges, the better you get in that field.

Paying for that seat is another story, altogether, but if you are gaining a merit and aren’t bound to pay a huge fee for the post-graduation course, there’s nothing really to worry about in taking up MDS.

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